In September 2018,

Everyone on 'the News' called for $100 Oil.


The wave count called for an Oil Price Crash!

On Tuesday October 2nd,

Crude oil was trading at $75.00 for the first time in 4 years.

Jim Cramer on CNBC said;

"don't let an overdeveloped sense of caution

trick you into missing these straightforward moves,

it could cost you!" 

Sept 25th - Don't overthink—the oil rally is for real!

Bullish commentary on CNBC did not stop there!

Oct 1st - OPEC 'powerless to prevent' oil jumping toward $100 a barrel this year.

Oct 1st - "$100 a barrel oil now looks possible, if not inevitable" .

Oct 3rd - The oil market 'fever' pushing prices toward $100 won't break soon.

An over-bullish mania type behavior had gripped the market and the news.


At the very same time;

My Elliott wave count quietly suggested a different future for Crude prices!

I knew a crash was coming soon!

On Oct 2nd,

I published this article;.


Prices were at a 4 year high, and the world was consumed with oil price fever!

But in that article I said;

"The scene is set for another horrible decline in the oil price,

the wave count says so,

and the futures market agrees!"

Heres a chart from that nights update:

The chart called for one more pop to the upside to above the 76.00 handle and then a crash!

Wave [4] was complete at that high,

And then came a 44% decline as predicted!

The very next day, on Oct 3rd,

the price rose into 76.72 at the top.

And then;

the oil price crashed by 44% into the December lows!

Exactly in line with the wave count!

The price reached a low on December 24th of $42.40 a barrel.

that makes a total fall of 3360 points in 11 weeks!

That's a hell of a long way off $100 a barrel, hey Mr Cramer?

The news can never prepare you for a trend change!

But can.

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