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Hello and welcome to Bullwaves.org.

My name is Enda Glynn, bullwaves.org owner and Elliott wave analyst.

I am married with three children and live in the west of Ireland in a town called Galway.

I am a trained economist ( H - BComm + Econ ).

I am also a technical analyst, and I have been analyzing and trading using Elliott wave for over 12 years now.

Over the years, my Elliott wave analysis has been published on, and linked to, by some of the worlds top financial websites:

Here is a quick sample:

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In my experience,

The wave principle offers a wide angle perspective on the position of any market at any time within its cycle.
And on top of that
Elliott wave gives me an outlook for the likely path of prices into the future.

No other form of analysis will give you this perspective
And that is what you will gain from using Elliott wave theory in your market analysis.


Rather than seeing just the price candle that is forming now and frantically fumbling around in the dark for opportunities to enter the market that just never seem to materialize.

I invest my time into finding the best trade entry point with the smallest risk reward ratio using the price patterns Elliott wave theory describes.
So when the opportunity does arrive I am ready to take it.

And that is a skill that I want to impart to people.

I have found the wave principle an invaluable tool in my trading,
the wave principle helps me see order in the chaos.

And on many occasions;
the wave principle has helped me make absolutely stunning forecasts for the future path of asset prices.

Which I have documented in my daily analysis on Bullwaves.org.

This is not because I have a crystal ball, but rather, the wave model showed me what was likely to happen, given the price patterns on display.

The beauty of the wave principle boils down to one thing:

If you know where you stand right now in the wave pattern,

then you can see where prices are likely to go next.

That is why the wave principle is so valuable to me as a trader and in life in general.

Here are the facts:

Over 90% of new traders lose all of their initial capital within a period of 6 months.

And after losing 15000 dollars on average, they stop trading all together.

The Elliott wave principle will help you avoid the pitfalls that the vast majority of traders succumb to.

The Elliott Wave Principle, in my view,
is the best tool for identifying market turns as before they happen.

And the Wave Principle is the only approach to market analysis that can provide the opportunity to do so.

The Wave Principle is without a doubt the single most comprehensive approach to market analysis, as it informs your view of the market action from a daily chart right down to a 10 minute chart.

And when you master the wave principle,
you too will see those turning points appear before your eyes,

And with practice,
You will be able to profit from your forecasts.

The wave principle is a life skill,

It will help you stand apart from the crowd,
and help you to avoid getting caught up in emotional herding in your investments, which inevitably lead to ruin.
And in doing so, you will avoid getting trampled on by that crowd when the market turns on them!

The wave principle is a skill that will pay dividends beyond just trading, it can be applied to all aspects of productive endeavors.

It is a life skill that you will not regret learning!

Enda Glynn from bullwaves, Graduating with an honors Economics degree.

Graduating with an honors Economics degree accompanied by my first child.

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