September 2019 brought continued declines for EURUSD,

but the wave count saw a simple setup in the pattern which called for a rally to begin.

On Sept 26th I was looking for a rally in wave (c) to begin, and complete a correction in wave [ii].

Heres the chart from that night:

Wave (b) of [ii] had just broken to a new low at 1.0880.

And it was time for wave (c) to begin.

Heres what I said that night:

waves (a) and (b) are complete and wave (c) now ready to rally back towards the target area at 1.1109.

Watch for wave (b) to bottom out and wave (c) to begin with a higher low above 1.0925.
A break of 1.1025 should confirm wave (c) has begun.

This chart shows what happened next as wave (c) took over!

Silver topped out at 1.1180 to complete wave (C) of [ii].

Thats a 300 pip rally with very little risk on taken.

This is another great example of a major turn in the markets,

predicted by a simple wave count!

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