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Daily Elliott wave Analysis 





FULL ACCESS - monthly

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FULL ACCESS - 6 months.

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FULL ACCESS - Yearly - save 40%!

Only $349 / BILLED YEARLY.


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GOLD + Crude oil + DOW jones - monthly.

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GOLD + DOW jones - monthly.

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BULLWAVES membership costs less than $2 a day!

About half a cup of Starbucks coffee!

When you consider;

The average beginner trades about twice a week and loses about 75% of the time.
So in any given month, the typical first time trader loses 300 points and ends up disappointed and disillusioned.

Using our Elliott Wave service means you will avoid many of those losing trades and you will preserve your capital to be ready for the big opportunities when they come.
This strategy will allow you to build your wealth consistently over time.

I don’t see any value in your service, I can do that analysis myself!

How many hours do you usually spend planning a trade?

Our days are spent thinking about the market and analyzing the price action.
We study, plan and strategize to be ready for the next big move when it comes.

What does Elliott wave analysis really offer me?

Elliott wave theory, views all market action as part of a larger pattern, which is always unfolding.

When you know where the current price fits into the larger pattern,

you can ready yourself to take advantage of a trend change when it comes your way.

This is a market perspective which you simply do not receive through any other form of analysis.

Elliott wave analysis will help to minimize your risk and, help you reach for the reward.
With our Elliott wave service, you have our expert analysis on your side,

How valuable is that!

We do the hard work and then present you with actionable analysis.

Our service is like having your own personal fund manager at your fingertips every night!

I work full time; will I have time to follow your analysis?

We scan and analyse the market during the trading session and post our analysis on the days price action right after the  New York market closes,
(around 2300GMT ).
You are then ready to tackle the next trading session.
It takes literally few minutes to read the analysis and mark up your chart with the relevant price action to look out for.


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