Good evening folks and a very happy Christmas to you all.

This is a short week for me, as I will not be updating tomorrow night.
The market might be open on Christmas eve,
but I am not!

I though I would give a recap of my thoughts on the year that has been, and some thoughts on the future this evening.
The charts are updated without comment as the action was muted today.

Its been one heck of a year in the world we live in.
In the market;
The biggest points drop in history happened last march,
followed by the biggest rally in history into this weeks highs.

The world economy had been slowing markedly up to that point,
and I was expecting the bear market to begin.
the patterns have changed but the outcome is the same in my mind.
Only now we are a darn sight worse off that we were at the beginning of the year to deal with any more economic shocks that happen.

Mass bankruptcy lies ahead for us all I'm afraid!

AS for the economy;
A virus escaped from a lab in china and stopped the world in its tracks!

The world moved in unison in locking down economies which had a devastating impact on peoples lives.
turns out thats not such a great idea!

Drug use and alcoholism went through the roof.
Suicide rates went up across the world as the despair set into a locked down world.

Deception has reigned for sure in the world this year.
From lies, misdirection, omission and downright subterfuge involving the origins and effects of the wuhan virus from the who and the ccp acting in cahoots.

All the way up to a soft coup being orchestrated by the globalists and the far left media in the U.S election in November.
cnn will have us believe that a dementia sufferer,
Who cant string a sentence together,
and who never left his basement to campaign,
won the most votes ever by a candidate in a U.S election!

While voting machines were switching vote counts on live tv,
poll workers were pulling ballots from under tables after everyone went home.
strange boxes arrived at polling stations at 4am.
and an endless amount of dead voters,
underage voters,
non citizen voters all got to tick the box for the 'Big Guy' Biden!

And it all got counted!

We have not heard the last of that yet I think,
and there is still a reasonable chance that President Trump will get re-elected.
If any justice still exists in the world.
And there is only a small hope on that front I'm afraid!

Now we have a vaccine rolling out across the world to fight the virus,
and I cannot count how many times I have heard statements about restrictions on people that do not take the mark,
I mean vaccine!

You won't be allowed to ride a bus, go to the cinema or bar or restaurant unless you have the all clear!
You wont be allowed to travel on a plane or ship or train without the jab either!

It sounds suspiciously like a certain 'mark' that people will take in the future!
and unless you have this mark,
you wont be allowed to partake in any economic activity.

Soros and the demonic gang of one-worlders are moving in on us hard this time,
they want the U.S out of the way,
and their one world system in place.

ready for a 'leader' to take over and carry the world out of the developing depression.
That 'leader' will appear from obscurity and be welcomed by the world.

You might have heard of this guy before,
he was always known as the antichrist by us Christian folks!
But you can call him comrade or dear leader or overlord or furher!
Take you pick!

But I digress, into the world of bible prophesy!
Funny how the world is beginning to mirror it though ain't it!

Time is a drawing near people!
Time to get right with your maker!

As for the coming year;

We are going to see the biggest decline in history take over again without a doubt in my mind!
This year was a dress rehearsal,
and next year will be the real thing.
only this time there is nothing left in the piggy bank to fire at the downturn.
We will not be stimulating our way out of anything!

And I have a sneaking suspicion that we will see a major war break out on top of the economic and market decline

China and Taiwan is a reasonable candidate,
although I am watching Iran making further strides in the middle east against Israel.
And they are cozying up to russia and turkey also.
Maybe we will have the long awaited joint strike against Israel that Ezekiel 38 speaks about.

What ever way it falls,
these times are ripe for a major conflict to break out for sure.

As you can see I am an optimist!

Who am I kidding,
I am preparing for the worst to happen in this world.
We have avoided, dodged and kicked the can for way too long now.
And the future is suddenly upon us!

I pray that by the Grace of God,
we will all be as ready as we can be for whatever comes our way in 2021.
It won't be boring thats for sure!

God Bless you all this Christmas.
I will be celebrating the birth of the king of creation,
and the savior of the world this week.
The one who took my sin on him
and got nailed to a cross for it so that I don't have to suffer eternally for my wrongs.

I sure am grateful for Him.

Blessings to you and yours.

see you all again on Monday!




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