Elliott Wave Blog

Bullwaves.org, Elliott wave blog.

In this elliott wave blog, I apply the rules of Elliott wave theory in my analysis to forecast price patterns for GOLD price, CRUDE oil, DOW jones and S&P500 stock index and the major USD FX markets – EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.

Daily Elliott wave analysis for FOREX, GOLD, CRUDE oil and Stocks. Keep up to date with the latest Elliott wave counts in these markets and the predictions they suggest.

In this elliott wave blog I will show you how to successfully apply Elliott Wave theory to your market analysis and trading to reveal low risk and high probability opportunities in the price action.

Over time I will show you how to read the patterns in play in each market, also you will learn;

– What Elliot Wave model offers a trader searching for opportunities.
– How to recognize trending markets using Elliott Wave and how to ride those trends.
– How to recognize corrections within trending markets and how corrective waves lead to opportunities.
– How to make an Elliot Wave forecast using the Elliott wave count.
– How to recognize the difference between corrective wave forms, which occur in three waves, and impulse wave forms which take a five wave pattern.