Elliott Wave Analysis

Bullwaves.org, Elliott wave Analysis.

I apply the rules of Elliott wave analysis to forecast price patterns for GOLD, CRUDE oil, DOW jones, USD FX markets, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.

I publish daily Elliott wave charts for FOREX, GOLD, CRUDE oil and Stocks. Get the latest Elliott wave predictions for USD FX, GOLD, CRUDE oil and the DOW jones.

I will show how to successfully apply Elliott Wave theory to your market analysis and trading,

you will learn:

-What the Elliot Wave model is and how you can apply the wave model in your trading.

-How to recognize trending markets using Elliott Wave and how to enter a trade in a trending market.

-How to recognize corrections within trending markets and where the best opportunities lie within a correction.

-How to make an Elliot Wave forecast using the Elliott wave count.

-How to recognize corrective forms ( Zig-Zags and Triangles)

Elliott wave analysis will improve your forecasting accuracy, and decrease your trading risk.

by revealing low risk, and high probability trading opportunities in the price action.