"This is the end, Beautiful friend
This is the end, My only friend, The end.

Jim Morrison sang that song in 1966, interesting timing that!

The idea that there is a huge rally ahead of us now is absurd to me!
Stock valuations as measured by John Hussmans margin adjusted PE,
are now well above 2007, 2000, 1987, 1966,
and of course we have pipped above 1929 also in this rolling top formation over the last year.
The market is sitting at 45 times earnings now.
You are not paying for a revenue stream of cash flows when buying a stock at these valuations.
No one could live long enough now to make the average dividend yield worth paying for now!
If you are looking for a quick way to destroy your wealth,
buy stocks......

by the way,
Significant lows occur in the region of between 5 and 15 times earnings.
Look out below.

S&P 500.

1 hr

4 Hours


The S&P went vertical today
and pushed within 5 points of a new all time high.
This rally has confirmed the idea that we are running higher in wave 'iii' of (iii) of [v].
the price should now hold above 2911 at wave (i) for the remainder of this rally.
And the market should break to a new all time high this week,
as wave (iii) closes out at about 2955.
The end is very near now!

The market may well break to a new all time high to complete wave 'iii' of (iii).
If not now,
then wave 'v' of (iii) will do it.
We should begin to correct in wave 'iv' pink by tomorrow evening.

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